Name: Noah Berrie
From: New York, NY
BA/BS: Stanford University: Music (MST), Symbolic Systems (Computer Music) – expected June 2021

MA: Stanford University: Music, Science, and Technology (MST) – expected June 2022

Software: [sound]: Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper, Finale, Sibelius, Max MSP OBS
            [vision]: TouchDesigner, Meshlab, Regard3D, Blender, Unity 

Coding: C, C++, Python, MAX/MSP/M4L, ChucK, Faust
Interests:  Composition, sound art, acoustics, signal processing, sound engineering & synthesis, and performance of experimental and contemporary music. Machine learning, internet-based art, 3D audio.
Community: CCRMAStanford New Ensemble, Physical Interaction Group (PIGs)KZSU Radio 
Personal Contact: or 917-932-4050

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